Dress code for Government employees

Bangalore 15 Sept : In the name of decency and bringing in discipline among its cadres, the state government ‘unofficially’ introduced a new dress code, effective Friday, through a circular issues by the Department of Administrative Re­forms.

Government employees across the various departments say that although nothing has been imposed directly, they were given to understand that T-shirts were banned for men, while jeans and skirts are not acceptable for the women. “Women employees were told that sarees and chudidars are the most preferred outfits.

The ‘Uniform Dress Circular’ was issued by the Department of Administrative Reforms on Thursday to all government departments. It directs government employees to dress ‘decently and respectably’, although it is ‘not a dress code’, stressed Dr Shalini Rajneesh, the Principal Secretary of the department.

The circular does not specify what one can and cannot wear. “There are a few people who dress provocatively, although that has nothing to do with wearing jeans. It doesn’t matter what they wear as long as they look res­pectable,” she said.